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Gethsemane, not Religion

The Garden of Gethsemane is where Jesus went to be alone when he heard that he would be arrested by the authorities. He entered that space — alone — to

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Shorter? Longer? Sittings / 3

When the usual daily sitting meditation period is suddenly extended, without any warning, there is the tendency to think that something is “longer” than usual. From the standpoint of before-thinking

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Attain Zen 02

Attaining Zen is not difficult — unless we want some complicated explanation, some understanding for our heads. The beautiful thing about posting teaching videos on Instagram is that you are

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Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning

Dae Soen Sa Nim used to say to people, “Every day, you clean your body, clean your teeth, clean your clothing. But nobody cleaning this brain! Every day, we always

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“In the Age of AI”

Frontline documentaries have always been among the most respected journalistic work on American public TV, on American any TV. They are non-political, in-depth, and they tear the veil covering some

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Messenger Teaching

A Facebook Messenger exchange I had with someone I never met, back in 2017. Reading more books just to learn the Dharma is just delaying further the day when you

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