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Subject, Not Object [ video ]

Zen Buddhism has far far far less to do with any kind of religion or religious belief than it does with the work of the ancient Greeks at Delphi and Eleusis. All religions make subject/object distinctions that can never be bridged. But the admonition “Know yourself” turns the awareness inward, and in that looking, subject/object both are transcended, and there is only this infinitely mysterious true nature, without name or form. Meditation is not based on some conceptual understanding or orthodoxy or New Age flam-flam whatsoever: Simply when we turn the light of awareness back onto an enquiry into the

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The Homeless Life

I am thrice homeless: as a Bohemian-native among the Austrians, as an Austrian among the Germans, and as a Jew throughout the world. Everywhere an intruder, never welcomed. Gustav Mahler

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Dr. Jordan Peterson on Sex and Promiscuity

What a great snippet of a talk this is, so densely-packed with insight and challenge to our conventional way of thinking. So glad this voice is active in this world, and so freely available. For some reason, my fellow progressives want to keep Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson at arm’s length. But I think it is because these two minds speak so fearlessly about the excesses in the way the excellent goals of progressivist thinking are reached. Identity politics, cancel culture, the excesses of #metoo (while they also justly credit the core importance of why the #metoo movement needed to

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Reply to a Reader: Stressful Situations and Meditation

Question: Hi Sunim I have a question about feelings.Often I hear people get feelings of anger, fear or sadness during Meditation. You’re saying we should ask ourselves “who feels this feeling” and so deal with it. But I feel nothing. Just my breathing or my back if it hurts a little. But when I’m at work, for example, and there are standing 3 patients in front of me and want new appointments and at the same time there is a therapist right and left who wants to know something from me, then suddenly such feelings come. But then I have

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Psychonauts and Their Dakinis

“Mahasiddah Luwapa” — “the black-blanket yogi” abides in deep meditation in a cave-like environment. He looks into the mirror of his mind, that “mysterious mirror of the Dakini”, and there meets, and is blessed by, her increasingly subtle aspects. Mahasiddha (Sanskrit: mahāsiddha “great adept; Tibetan: གྲུབ་ཐོབ་ཆེན་པོ, Wylie: grub thob chen po, THL: druptop chenpo ) is a term for someone who embodies and cultivates the “siddhi of perfection”. A siddha is an individual who, through the practice of sādhanā, attains the realization of siddhis, psychic and spiritual abilities and powers. Mahasiddhas were practitioners of yoga and tantra, or tantrikas. Their historical influence throughout the Indian subcontinent and the Himalayas was vast and they reached mythic proportions as codified in their songs of realization and hagiographies, or namtars,

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