You Should Go Ask a Cat


You think you did “more” sitting when you sit for longer periods of meditation. That is actually not correct.

In the same way that you think you are from a country called Greece or Norway or Germany. You think that you are your name, or your thoughts, or your memories or beliefs. But these are only partial, illusory truths.

If you still don’t understand, go ask a tree.
If you don’t get a good answer there, then go ask a cat.

[An Insta-bite excerpt for Instagram from the talk “Moment = Infinite Time”.]

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Shorter? Longer? Sittings / 3 [video]


When the usual daily sitting meditation period is suddenly extended, without any warning, there is the tendency to think that something is “longer” than usual. From the standpoint of before-thinking mind, “don’t know,” nothing could be further from the truth…

Moment has no border, no edge or boundary. So, it has no length.

(Insta-bite excerpt from the longer teaching-video, “Moment = Infinite Time”.)