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Parallel Universes 2

“In this world, nothing is free,” Zen Master Seung Sahn used to say, in his unique form of super-succinct English. “Something you have obligation. Even air and water is not

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Parallel Universes 1

Today, while enjoying a double espresso in the cold morning outside the coffee shop by the back door of the Zen Center, standing at a table, this crippled homeless man

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The Spider’s Thread

Every morning in the Zen Center, the very first thing we do before starting 108 bows, is to recite the Four Great Vows. The first vow is “Sentient beings are

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Reply to a Reader: On Fear

Question: Hi, dear Hyon Gak Sunim! Thank you for this opportunity to ask you question… Tomorrow I go to the hospital, waiting for me to surgery. [sic] What do I

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Only Your God

When the comedians are actually better at theology than all of your former professors at Harvard Divinity School, then we really have a problem. Or actually, maybe not.

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