A Good Read

That’s why in Zen we “only don’t know”. In “the cloud of unknowing” is where you “become as a child again”, and enter the kingdom of god. “Meditation”, folks —

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We’re LIVE with a full house for Evening Practice. The chanting is intense. Join the existential fun before the white nationalist American Christo-fascists and the brutal Russian barbarian demons from

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Rumi, like Zen, is never ever wrong — not once. The problem is, he opens his big fucking mouth for you to understand it: He says the quiet part out

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Same Religion

When I was a young Catholic, I wanted to be like Thomas Merton. I wanted to be a Catholic monk like him. Years later, when I became the student of

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How Many Bottles?

Travelling today by train somewhere, a nice young woman sat down across from me. Perhaps a Millenial. She laid out a tissue cloth, and then set out an apparatus of

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The Zen of the Semiconductor

A cautionary tale: I continue to experience the lingering effects of allowing this silent retreat experience to be invaded by a strong-force from outside the retreat. (Even through something as

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