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Growth of the “Nones”

For the first time ever in modern American history, those who have “no doubt” about the existence of God has dropped to just under 50%. This number was at 60%

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Standing, in the Midst…
Standing in the Midst…

…of this thought-traffic? This is by far one of my favorites produced by our creative Team during the pandemic. Ioannis fashioned up such deep experiences, sight and sound — here,

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Atheism Saves the Planet

One of the top five things that you can do for the climate crisis, on any checklist by anyone, to reduce your carbon footprint, and save for adaptive changes, is

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Joscha’s Levels of Lucidity

As always, he is the most alert, lucid soul in the room. Consistently clear and intellectually astounding, always so spot-on about nearly everything to which he speaks. An almost flawless

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Irreconcilable Differences

Divorce by combat — the medieval way of ending a marriage: In medieval Germany, husbands and wives could settle their disputes through marital duels. The man fought with one arm

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Three Photos

The first photo was taken in early November 2022. Vitaliy and Natalka Kyrkach-Antonenko are overjoyed at the prospect of having a child. Vitaliy returned to the front lines and died

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