On Bodhisattva-Questions

Those who submit questions to the “Ask Me Anything” section of this blog should read the post of February 3: “On Submitting Questions to this Blog”. By submitting a question, you are agreeing to the conditions stated therein for public reply (minus personal identifying information). Anyone with any doubts about how this all works are welcome to consult the book, Only Don’t Know: The Teaching Letters of Zen Master Seung Sahn (Boston: Shambhala, 1999). In fact, anyone with any interest whatsoever in the teaching of Zen Master Seung Sahn (Dae Soen Sa Nim) or my teaching lineage would be well helped by the priceless teachings contained therein. (Full disclosure: I receive no financial compensation for that text, but you can be a Jeff Bezos of the Dharma Realms as result of it.)

Life During Wartime

Some of our Zen Center Regensburg family have been sending pictures of their home-practice following the livestream during the lockdown.. Social scientists and trend-forecasters are all agreeing that the experience of the pandemic will change our work-lives forever. There will be truly radical changes caused by this historic disruption which will not necessarily return to business-as-usual pro ante, once the virus has been managed. For one thing, firms large and small have seen that working from home can still “work”. Projects and meetings are even more cost-effective now, travel time is reduced, and transportation, hotel, and meal charges might largely

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이번 동안거의 마지막 “생” 대화

Tomorrow immediately following Morning Practice will be the last “live“ Q&A in Korean during this winter Kyol Che. If there are no questions in Korean, I will reply to anything that people would like to ask in English, too. Looking forward so much to practicing with all of you and sharing about our practice.

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Rumi’s “In the Midst of This Thought-Traffic”

The latest teaching-video from the Sangha Creative Co-op here at Zen Center Regensburg: Ioannis, Yogi, Jayoon, Christina, Matt, and a random monk-dude who presses these crazy visions into their laps and bugs them about this-or-that detail til we absolutely push the boundaries to get the inexpressible expressed. So many thanks to Moby for the largesse to employ his soundscapes. And to Matt, and to my Patreon family.

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2 THUMBNAIL - Sugar Cube 2.001
The Sugar Cube and the Heart Sutra

Do you STILL think that the Heart Sutra’s “form is emptiness, and emptiness is form” is too hard to understand? Ha ha ha ha ha. NOT after THIS video, you won’t! It’s game over — you can just kiss that former blindness goodbye. Here is the newest teaching-video from Zen Center Regensburg. These are some very short reflections I gave last night during Evening Practice — during chanting, right in the middle! — on the profound, direct meaning of the Heart Sutra (반야심경), and its use for our lives. “공 사상 너무 이해가 어렵다”고 아직 생각하고 계세요? 이 매우매우 짧고

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