Artists I Love 1

It has always been pleasurable to share with others the work of artists who particularly move me. And that means pointing to something that another person creates or “envisions” that

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Women Cannot Get Enlightenment

One of the sharpest teachings of Dae Soen Sa Nim (Zen Master Seung Sahn). He was constantly pointing directly to our original nature, and nothing else. He considered our “outside”

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Both of my primary Zen teachers were fearsome, fearless operators: Zen Master Seung Sahn and Zen Master Bong Cheol. You were seldom fully at ease in their presence. I was

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More Zen in Norway

Bringing “The Great Dharani” to our retreat next week with the Haugesund Zen Senter, May 3-5, in Haugeland, Norway. It is great to see how a Zen group affiliated with

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The Heart Sutra,
in Greek

This is a recording we made last year (2018) in Thessaloniki. We were joined by a group of over 20 Koreans, so the depth and texture is, well, unique and nuanced in unexpected ways.

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