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Pure Idiocy!

Don’t know really what I’m getting into with soon publishing this online course. The whole thing feels like an undertaking I’ve mindlessly bumbled into. What started, by dint of lockdown,

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Meditation by Script?

Incredible. Now you don’t actually have to guide people in meditation anymore. You can just buy a script and — VOILA! — you’re a Zen master. With the proliferation of

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Gotta Be Careful

The very latest work by one of my favorite contemporary artists, Matt Semke of Released just today, it’s titled “Meditation Ponzi”, and I better take its implications to heart,

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This Beloved Sangha-Family

From his room in the Altstadt of Regensburg, Ioannis consults on Zoom with Stefanie north in Weinheim, in the Odenwald, from which monastery-parallel she oversees the various projects at ZCR

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My Sweet Assistant Super-Soul

Walking out for morning coffee near the Zen Center recently with the ever-multitasking super-soul known as Dr. Stefanie Becker PhD. Oh, is it not impossible to love this thing so

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Filming the Online Course

Everything has gone online. Our daily practice at Zen Center Regensburg is also online, as a free twice-daily YouTube livestream. But we’ve realized that the YouTube livestream-experience is not giving

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