Category: The Online Course

The Team

An image from our screen-working together on the Online Course. There’s Ioannis, Pablo (Yorae), and Stefanie, our super-amazing director. Everyone is totally squeezed out by the effort. It has been

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When They Wonder

Having finally taken the step to put an online course out into the world, I am sometimes asked how I could charge something for this (the price of the Course

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Pure Idiocy!

Don’t know really what I’m getting into with soon publishing this online course. The whole thing feels like an undertaking I’ve mindlessly bumbled into. What started, by dint of lockdown,

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Meditation by Script?

Incredible. Now you don’t actually have to guide people in meditation anymore. You can just buy a script and — VOILA! — you’re a Zen master. With the proliferation of

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