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Our True Nature is Not-Two

Some clips from our Daily Livestream during the pandemic were stitched together for a 60-second social media jolty, one of a series. One of not-two. It really is not-two. Nor

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Gotta Be Careful

The very latest work by one of my favorite contemporary artists, Matt Semke of Released just today, it’s titled “Meditation Ponzi”, and I better take its implications to heart,

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The Alchemy of Zen

“The hundred grasses are the Mother of the Buddha.” Our tangled sufferings produce the awakening mind, or “buddha”, but we have to do the alchemy of serious, persistent meditation practice

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Freedom from Suffering While Suffering

Apropos the previous blog post on Schopenhauer/Thunberg/Buddha’s view of “suffering,” it seemed relevant perhaps to share a 60-second video of something I once said on the subject, emphasizing the turnaround

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불교의 목적 | 현각스님

불교란 무엇일까요? 좌선을 하는 이유가 뭘까요? 답은 아주 간단합니다. “매트릭스”에서 깨어나서 모든 존재를 돕기. 숭산 대선사님의 걸작 《선의 나침반》의 도입부에 해당합니다. 어렵지 않고 아주 단순해요! 수행의 목적은 스트레스를 줄이는데 있지

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13세기 회교 신비주의자인 루미: “왜 아직도 철창 속에…?” Film Editing/Design: Γιάννης Παπάκης Παπαδοπουλάκης /// Vajra Vlito Studios Graphic: Matt Semke /// Music: “Better Days” from (Many thanks for

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