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Scenes from a Retreat

Our January 4-day retreat was fully booked. Some on-the-ground viewpoints of what it’s like to do spirituality as a group without “mere religion”.

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The October Retreat

It was very, very intense. Because it always, very, very is. We were formed of participants from several cities in Germany, from two cities in Greece (Thessaloniki and Athens), from

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Leaving Finland

It has been a very special experience practicing in silence together with the Buddhists of Finland, sharing the breath and looking into the Great Doubt. The local Sangha here has

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Our Faith in Finland

There have been many deep and unforgettable impressions of the dharma heart here in Finland. But really high on the list must be the incredible faith of some of the

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Turku Teachings

Just finishing now a teaching-trip to Turku. There was a full house at the small meditation center where we gathered, and there seems to be good interest in the Dharma

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Very Special Karma

A very special, nearly two-decades’ long friendship with this amazing Dharma sister, Ye Jin Sunim (예진스님), which started in the Zen Hall of Su Dok Sah Temple, Dok Seung Sahn Mountain (덕숭산

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We Selfie Selfies

Tour(ist)ing with the nuns of Chil Bul Am, Korea, there are always many moments of laughter. That happens most reliably when we gather for a group-selfie.  

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