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First Eats of 2023

Since we did the all night sitting and finished with morning practice at 2 AM, everyone was allowed to sleep in today. When I finally got up, this had been

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Won Hak Sunim in Lviv

Mu Sang Sa posted this about our dharma-brother, back in his homeland: Ukrainian Wonhak Sunim and Sangha.Ukraine is still at war, but many people are taking care of their hearts

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Among Great Creators

A photo sent to me by a colleague in Seoul, it memorialises a lunch together during the recent trip to Korea. This intimate lunch was a gathering of some of

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Zen Center Potato Life

My Teacher would have loved this video! Living in spiritual community is not an easy ride. It’s not supposed to be! Oftentimes, people come to a community — whether an

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Silent Lunch

Every single day, 365 days a year, our lunch happens in the Zen Center at precisely 12. It is silent, except for the sounds of the birds, the tolling church

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Visiting with Daniel

Concluding a beautiful visit in Provence with my brother-from-another-mother, the visionary Daniel Kapelian. It has been a truly eye-opening couple of days. Very grateful for this spiritual and creative bond.

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Sunday Morning, 10:00

Sitting serene silent summer Sunday mornings in the Altstadt never grows old, yet is always completely eternal. After coffee, croissants, and Dharma dialogue with the community at a coffee shop

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