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Category: Samsara

Brain Inundation

Our necrocapitalist system is a digital fascism that shuts down all dissent: not by force, but by misinformation. This is not brainwashing. It is brain inundation to the extent that

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Family Ties

HUMAN (n): a species of African ape, closely related to the chimpanzee, known primarily for its arrogance, violence, aggression, and unnecessarily breeding, enslaving, torturing and/or killing hundreds of billions of

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“Our Chosen Chains”

Never thought I would cite something from The National Review, but this is the strangeness of the times we live in. In any event, the author is Sebastian Junger, a

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Cathedral to Hell

In ages past, our ancestors constructed elaborate, intricate, awe-inspiring structures to lead the human spirit to higher levels of spiritual possibility. They imagined these structures in order to lead us

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Samsara, Baby

The Rx for the pain of existence? There is only “waking up”. The most optimal doorway for waking up is meditation.

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Andrew Huberman’s “Karma”

And what is the literal definition of the word “karma”? Action. Karma literally means “action”. Hereby the eminent scientists Dr. Andrew Huberman lays out, in the pithiest expression possible, the

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Booze Death by Culture

Alcohol death rates in Europe. Apparently very low in cultures where drunkenness is frowned upon and where alcohol is only consumed in company of others and served alongside meals. Spain

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