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Teaching at YETI, Dresden

This past weekend, we had a gathering of minds from YETI Dresden (Young Entrepreneurs Tech and Innovation) who wished to learn meditation. YETI is a novel new program for stimulating

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Summer Kyol Che 2024

Summer Kyol Che 2024 at Zen Center Regensburg e.V. Those who qualify can be admitted for flexible entry/exit dates, with the option to sit for the entire 30 days or

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A Recent Evening Practice at ZCR

From February 17-24, 2024, we held an intensive seven-day silent traditional Zen retreat at the Zen Center Regensburg. This retreat was designed to conclude the annual 90-day Winter Kyol Che

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Retreat in Norway, 9-12.05

Our next multi-day retreat in Norway will be held in May 2024. There is a limited number of seats for this extraordinary gathering in this very special location. Details can

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Live-streaming the Retreat

In order to support the practice of those members of our Zen Center Regensburg community who cannot — for whatever reason — attend the retreats here on the Weißbräuhausgasse, we

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