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The Zen of the Semiconductor

A cautionary tale: I continue to experience the lingering effects of allowing this silent retreat experience to be invaded by a strong-force from outside the retreat. (Even through something as

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Whiplash in Retreat

I’m in an awful funk the last several days, almost a kind of depression. There is a reason. After weeks of maintaining silent retreat, I let it get punctured several

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Everything is Only TV

I returned to our home temple, Hwa Gye Sah, in the mountains of Seoul after completing a second 100-day solo retreat in the Jiri Sahn Mountains, in the winter of

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Nothing Is In Control

Here is the latest video from the creative team here at Zen Center Regensburg. Enjoy! And do please relax — nothing really is in control.

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My Job

Basically, this is the training modality of a Zen retreat, in condensed form: Sometimes I’m the coach-guy, and the retreatants are the competitor; but what they don’t realize is that,

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