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Mind is an Empty Movie Theater

We think our mental experience is “real”. And we make all sorts of decisions from the impressions projected there. But even modern neuroscience proves that that stuff we see and

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Flex-bod = Flex-mind?

This young man from Seoul will be joining our three-day intensive silent retreat at ZCR this weekend. I met him last week during the visit to Korea, and he contacted

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True. True. True.

Stable, unshakeable connection with the boundless Now of no-things — it’s the only money in the bank. Best investment ever!

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The Zen of the Semiconductor

A cautionary tale: I continue to experience the lingering effects of allowing this silent retreat experience to be invaded by a strong-force from outside the retreat. (Even through something as

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Whiplash in Retreat

I’m in an awful funk the last several days, almost a kind of depression. There is a reason. After weeks of maintaining silent retreat, I let it get punctured several

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Everything is Only TV

I returned to our home temple, Hwa Gye Sah, in the mountains of Seoul after completing a second 100-day solo retreat in the Jiri Sahn Mountains, in the winter of

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