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Category: On Traumas

The Face of Trauma

This child has survived the brutal Russian occupation of just-liberated Kherson. What seeds of future rage will bloom to how many future generations?

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Why Are (Young) Men in Crisis?

Trenchant, true, absolutely clear, fearless, and scary insight into the forces that drive the male species into such constant forms of aggression, lashing out, self-destruction, even murder, as only Professor

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Trauma’s True Truth Truly

In the last two to three years, as I’ve been forced finally to come fully to terms with the 10-15 years in my childhood of early beatings and extreme psychological

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Addiction Awareness

(reposted from the Internet:) Put a rat in a cage and give it two water bottles. One is just water and one is water laced with heroin or cocaine. The

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Open for Business

Zen means attaining our True Self, right here and now. Yet in doing that, we are often facing the soupy sop of roiling karma, attaining its content and weight, digesting

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