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Nietzsche’s “Love”

We would like to believe, so much, that it is the person to whom we are attached, the love of the person that we pursue, despite conditions often telling us

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Love Springs Eternal

In April 1998, archaeologists uncovered the coffin of Eung Tae Lee, a 16th-century male who passed away at age 30, in an ancient tomb in Andong City, South Korea. Along with

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The Neurochemistry of Karma

Stage 1. As we repeat a behavior, a feedback loop between the sensorimotor cortex and the striatum becomes strongly engaged, which helps us stamp routines into a single unit, or

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Helpful Steps

This thinking-mind is, at bottom, a habit-machine. The word for this is “karma” or “mind habits” (as Zen Master Seung Sahn so pithily defined “karma”), known to moderns basically as

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Raised by an Irish mother, I was raised with butter. I can hardly remember olive oil ever being part of a meal, in any way — either cooking or seasoning.

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On “My Truth”

After being in Asia for some years, maybe decades, I remember coming back to the West and noticing how much people were using the phrase “my truth” to explain or

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