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Hyon Mun Sunim in the Altstadt

Hyon Mun Sunim and I have known each other closely since just before we both became monks – – that’s over three decades. I co-officiated at Sunim’s ordination ceremony at

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In the Hours After Surgery

I have wanted for some time to participate in Robert Thurman’s (ongoing?) talks on the Avatamsaka Sutra from Menla, Upstate NY. He started back during the mid-pandemic, after we had

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Solo Eating

Recently, I have been encountering some challenges with another knee after returning from the work in Norway: the meniscus in my left knee might require some surgery, perhaps as soon

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Ferdinand und Ich

Several years ago, I heard about this local physiotherapist who all the yoga – – ahem, er, the Ashtanga yoga practitioners — raved about. It was impossible to get an

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A Bigger Boat

After 10 days of practice and teaching in Norway, the Zen Circle closes on an SAS flight, leading back home. It was a special, profoundly transformative retreat experience with the

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Another Dead Monk-Brother

Just received the news two days ago that a younger monk-brother – – yet another member of the Dharma family – – passed away, too soon. The Korean-born monk, Mu

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Very Special Karma

A very special, nearly two-decades’ long friendship with this amazing Dharma sister, Ye Jin Sunim (예진스님), which started in the Zen Hall of Su Dok Sah Temple, Dok Seung Sahn Mountain (덕숭산

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