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On Requests from Korean Media

Recently, there have been a few enquiries from Korean media, requests to appear on talk shows or give interviews. After a long hiatus of my own self-enforced silence (it has

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Sayings of Zen Master Kyong Ho

Zen Master Kyong Ho (1849-1912) was the Great-grandteacher of Zen Master Seung Sahn, and the Great-great-grandteacher of me. Don’t wish for perfect health. In perfect health there is greed and

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The Tripitaka Koreana

The Tripitaka Koreana — carved on 81,258 woodblocks in the 13th century — is the most successful large data transfer over time yet achieved by humankind. 52 million characters of

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Zen Was Before Gutenberg

Zen was before God, so it is also before the Gutenberg Bible. What a delicious irony it is that the oldest book made from movable type was a book of

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