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Non-Stop Moment

…And when you meditate, with consistency, you perceive the rolling film of the endless loop of life frame-by-frame, the stopped-motion super-clarity of “each” moment, which is, in fact, just Moment,

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…and Cooling Circles

Whether it warms, or weather it cools, the only way is the realise the nature of the Self. It is the only game in humantown. A student in the anti-war

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Be Careful

Classical stoic philosophy is sometimes described as “Greek Zen“. Epictetus shows one reason why:

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Venus, Meet Mars

I can personally attest, from recent experience, that this juxtaposition is real and has gritty, if unsettling, truth in it:

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The Five Skandhas

Shakymuni Buddha’s enlightenment revealed to him that there is no “I”, no constituent “thingness” as “I”, no subjective “person in the control tower” overseeing the landing and taking off of

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I beg very much to differ with his ”is only our memory” point (since it privileges a fixed, dead, in-the-head conceptual “past” with what is intuitive and right-now-as-true-knowing), yet everything

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