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His Laugh

“The dourness and severity of Mahler’s mouth are, nevertheless, immediately transformed into their opposite when anything excites his good-natured and humorous laughter. You cannot imagine a more naive, hearty, Homerically

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Fragment-Bombs for the Soul

During the pandemic lockdowns, when public performances were canceled, many orchestral musicians began playing symphonies online, recorded through Zoom or something. Entire symphonies were performed this way, each performer located

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The Eyes That See I

See this photo of a group of friends and musical colleagues out for a walk to the sea in Holland, circa 1906. Linger over each slowly to drink in the

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Why Mahler is Almighty God

Here is a short, 20-second isolation of just the Viola section of the closing moments of the Third Movement of Gustav Mahler’s beyond-sublime Fifth Symphony — one of the greatest

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