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Category: Gustav Mahler

The Crucified One

No joke: he was definitely crucified. For the first time in at least a year or more, I will sit down tonight, with a friend, to experience his Ninth Symphony

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Pilgrimage Stop-Off

Tomorrow evening, I am scheduled to give a talk and offer guidance to a Zen community in Turku, the former capital of Finland. I am very happy and honored to

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Simon Rattle can be seen in a slight blur just behind the conductor’s podium, cradling a bouquet of flowers as he engages one of four standing ovations. Truth be told,

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His Laugh

“The dourness and severity of Mahler’s mouth are, nevertheless, immediately transformed into their opposite when anything excites his good-natured and humorous laughter. You cannot imagine a more naive, hearty, Homerically

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