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Category: Existential Risks

We TOTALLY Fucking Suck

…Absolutely no question about it. It doesn’t matter a goddamn gram how many Sistine Chapel ceilings we’ve created, how many Beethoven Ninth Symphonies we’ve birthed, how we can engineer airplanes

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No Other Sane Option Left

I especially appreciate , “trying to stop fueling it further & survive the consequences already in store in a way that doesn’t harm others’ ability to do the same.”

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Pure Genius…

…and utter truth. I have Jewish friends who “get” the truth of this short but compelling video (Paley herself is Jewish), and even Palestinian friends who saw its absurd truth

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Oh, Wel
As the AMOC Goes…

It looks like the AMOC (Atlantic meridional overturning circulation) collapse is already well underway, and happening much, much sooner than expected. This is a very recent (April 17, 2024) lecture

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