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…This haunting image. Look closely at their eyes… A photo taken just moments before they landed in Moscow. He is a living Nelson Mandela for

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“Insurrection of Lies”: Sam Harris and the Rage of Mindfulness [ audio ]

But if you think that meditative insight should cause one not to care about the implosion of our democracy, or about our ongoing failure to deal with civilizational challenges — if you think we get to not care about the world we are building, or wrecking — the world that our children will be condemned to live in! — it’s time to take your head out of your ass.

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2020: A Review

Now this is what it’s like when you don’t practice meditation in a world of pain where nothing is in control except an invisible virus.

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The End

“Regensburg… shit. I’m still only in this pandemic…” As we slog toward the end of the first year of this in-and-out lockdown, and begin parting

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The Wind of God

Loved this mashup last March, and loving it now. Unfortunately, 250,000 deaths and the virus still hasn’t gotten the effect of the real blow-job from

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