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The Wheel of Life

This classic symbol, from ancient Buddhist teaching, depicts the endless (until you practice!) cycle of suffering — birth, ageing, sickness, and death, repeat — sometimes called “samsara”. It is a

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108 Buddha Dharmachakra Thangka

“Buddha and Bodhisattvas are traditionally depicted with stylized hand gestures called mudras. The word “mudra” is Sanskrit for “seal” or “sign” and each mudra has a specific meaning. In the dharmachakra mudra, the thumbs

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Just Avoid Clinging

Above all, don’t wish to become a future Buddha;Your only concern should be,As thought follows thought,To avoid clinging to any of them.~ Dogen Zenji

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Today is the summer full moon — by tradition, the end of the 90-day summer Kyol Che retreat in China, Korea, and Japan.

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