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Ah, Buddhist Art

No weapons, or blood, or armies ranged either “good” or “bad”. Simply peace and serenity, harmony with Nature instead of domination over (and fear of) it. No history of a

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The Wheel of Life

This classic symbol, from ancient Buddhist teaching, depicts the endless (until you practice!) cycle of suffering — birth, ageing, sickness, and death, repeat — sometimes called “samsara”. It is a

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108 Buddha Dharmachakra Thangka

“Buddha and Bodhisattvas are traditionally depicted with stylized hand gestures called mudras. The word “mudra” is Sanskrit for “seal” or “sign” and each mudra has a specific meaning. In the dharmachakra mudra, the thumbs

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Just Avoid Clinging

Above all, don’t wish to become a future Buddha;Your only concern should be,As thought follows thought,To avoid clinging to any of them.~ Dogen Zenji

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