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Every Bit Counts

It is hard for so many of us to make ends meet. That is especially true for a homeless monk who has severely disappointed his parents’ hopes for success, just

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Join Team Zen

People seem to think that I carry out this work because I am supported by some international organization, like a church or something. But nuns and monks do not have

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I Love This Job

But it’s hard sometimes. In addition to practicing to stay clear, and communicating that experience clearly to others, there is the constant work centered around fundraising for the Zen Center

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Vielen Danke

I never thought I would be asking for crowdfunding support to live and teach as a monk, but these are there times we live in. By joining my Patreon Family,

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Thanks for Joining!

My small, but devoted, Patreon Family provides me with the tools for carrying out this mission. I am not supported by any church or organization or “order” in Korea. I’m

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