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Category: And Now, a Word from Our Sponsors

The TED Talk is Here…

…and they chose a “thumbnail” picture of the speaker which seems to channel his childhood love of the “Godzilla” movies. Oh, well. It’s in the rearview mirror now, at least.

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Two Begging Bowls

When you first ordain, you receive two things: a large “kasa” and a set of bowls. The bowls are symbolic of begging for food and medicine and housing. You essentially

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Help a Monk

Becoming a member of my Patreon Family, you give me the tools to continue spreading these teachings as far and wide as possible, always for free, to whomever can benefit

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Standing, in the Midst…
Standing in the Midst…

…of this thought-traffic? This is by far one of my favorites produced by our creative Team during the pandemic. Ioannis fashioned up such deep experiences, sight and sound — here,

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Your Mind Makes This

…happening without end. And really only meditation liberates — the Light goes on. The Light of Awareness: Introducing here on the humble yet completely unnecessary nervy shit-smear that is this

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