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So Nostalgic for That “Me”

Most humans, when asked, tend to believe that music, TV, movies, morals, fashion, and society were “the best” or “peaked” when they were in their teens. Jordan Petersen often says that the favorite music of people – – the music they believe is the best and most significant or inspiring – – is usually the music that they heard or enjoyed when they were a teenager: this is the music they heard when they were forming their adult identity, stepping out from their childhood dependencies, shaping and creating their individualism, rebelling or challenging the rules that they were raised with, or even just questioning them for the first time, and making. The music that they liked during that period of development tends to be the music that they remember with greatest enthusiasm, and judge to be the best. As a result, in other acts of judgment, the music, etc. of those years and times is deemed to be “the best“.

But times weren’t actually “better” way back then. You were just in your carefree youth when those impressions were being experienced, and you are simply missing that time now.

It’s not the world you’re melancholic about: it’s simply that “you” that you are nostalgic for.

Graphic and some phrasing: @simongerman600


No, it’s the feeling of experiencing strong mental “connection” to a certain remembered time of “you”.

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