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“Form is Emptiness” — The New Song and Video

And the beat goes on.

Form is Emptiness [Square 공즉시색 색즉시공 해설] // Arman Ray + Hyon Gak Sunim // @HyonGakSunim #현각스님 #edm

By the way, the words in this song and video were lifted from a public talk given during the livestream broadcasts and uploaded to YouTube. It might help your understanding of one of the lyrical claims of physics made in the song to consult this short excerpt which was also lifted from that talk — this talk is the very Mother of the song:

The Sugar Cube and the Heart Sutra /// Hyon Gak Sunim (현각스님)

각설탕 과 반야심경: 공즉시색 색즉시공 /// 현각스님 /// 독일 불이선원

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