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Teaching-Trip to Norway

I am currently in the midst of a teaching-trip to Norway. Several members of the Zen Center Regensburg community have joined for a two-week travel to assist with the waking-up work happening in Stavanger, and in Oslo, and at our upcoming four-day intensive retreat by a vast lake in the interior of Norway.

To give a window “in” on things, on some ways that the Dharma is spread, I am sharing some posts and insights from this trip through my Patreon site. The posts are all free, so you don’t need to be a supporting member to see how the sausage is made.

Please know that if you do become a Patreon supporting member, you help me to carry out this work of sharing Dharma, of sharing waking-up consciousness. I am not supported by any church or temple or Buddhist organization. Even some of my travel and accommodation expenses for this teaching-trip come from my Patreon Family — our hosts cannot subsidize this work entirely themselves. Even a small monthly contribution lets you be “part of the action” of a modern monk who’s basically “winging it” by trying to teach Zen outside of a traditional temple structure, with few to no supporters, and no consistent source of income or support except for what Patreon helps us to gather.

Here is a link to the Patreon main page — please feel free to check in:


And here is a link to the most recent post, which includes video snippets and photos of a Zen monk doing some improvisational Zen “jamming” with a truly unique Oslo assemblage of musicians:


Thank you for your love and support.

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