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On “The Gospel of Infinity”

To ignore the spiritual history of Magna Graecia and Rome is to ignore the environment that actually produced the first generations of Christians, and made the faith what it is. Simply put, the story of paleo-Christianity is Greek-speaking mystics in southern Italy demanding personal access to the Eucharist. It wasn’t the priests who attracted them to Jesus. It wasn’t the Church Fathers. And it certainly wasn’t the Bible or the basilicas, because neither existed. It was an experience of meeting God, free from doctrine, dogma, and any institution whatsoever. Surely that’s something people today can appreciate.
Not everyone needs psychedelic drugs to die before they die. Lying down in a cave for a few days will certainly get the job done. But not everyone has the time or temerity for that kind of exercise. That’s what sacraments are for. That’s what they’ve always been for, before the bureaucracy replaced them with empty rituals and placebos. In its early days, did Christianity solve the age-old problem of delivering a life-changing mystical experience to as many people as possible by offering a chemical shortcut to enlightenment?

The Immortality Key

p. 332

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