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The Key


After a long, long delay (due to preparations for TEDTalk, need for focus on community organization here in the Zen Center, and then attention for personal medical issues.), I am finally coming around the bend on the final chapter of this truly epic book. I cannot recommend it enough, and I almost really don’t wish it would end. It has been such a delicious tour de force of ancient culture and belief and architecture, and art and mythology, pharmacology, and belief , prejudice and blindness, and ultimately the sweet enlightenment of the non-dual state, available right-at-hand (in Meditation) as well in a cup (for the ancients).

A truly important book.

“To ignore the spiritual history of magna Graecia and Rome is to ignore the environment that actually produced the first generations of Christians, and made the faith what it is. Simply put, the story of paleo-Christianity is Greek-speaking mystics in southern Italy demanding personal access to the Eucharist. It wasn’t the priests who attracted them to Jesus. It wasn’t the church fathers. And it certainly wasn’t the Bible or the basilicas, because neither existed. It was an experience of meeting God, free from doctrine, dogma, and any institution whatsoever. Surely that’s something people can appreciate.”

P. 332, The Immortality Key