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Summer Kyol Che 2024


Summer Kyol Che 2024 at Zen Center Regensburg e.V.

Those who qualify can be admitted for flexible entry/exit dates, with the option to sit for the entire 30 days or else for minimum 1-week segments. (Preference will be given to those committing to 1-week stays or longer.)

Check our website for further details, enquiries, and to request an Application Form. Due to space limitations, this retreat is NOT open to everyone — applications will be reviewed by the ZCR Staff, and decisions announced beginning May 1.

A Recent Evening Practice at ZCR


From February 17-24, 2024, we held an intensive seven-day silent traditional Zen retreat at the Zen Center Regensburg. This retreat was designed to conclude the annual 90-day Winter Kyol Che retreat which is the counterpoint retreat season of the Zen temples of China, Korea, and Japan, and also in certain of the meditation temples derived from those traditions in the West.

We recently live-streamed the daily practices, four times per day, in order to support the practice of our far-flung international community of practitioners. We streamed this on YouTube so that there would be maximal free access for whoever might benefit from a group of similarly-directed souls looking into the Great Matter of Life and Death through Zen.

This link has but one of the Evening Practice sessions. It contains a fairly strong expression of our daily chanting.

현각스님과 함께 Retreat Evening Zen (선 수행) Practice -- 23 February 2024 -- 정진 /// LIVE Zen from ZCR