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Lex Talionis (1): “This Land is Mine” — Nina Paley

The recent tragedy in Israel has brought unimaginable suffering to real human people, and there can be no equalization, whatsoever. This was evil’s most blatant face — man’s inhumanity to man, full stop. And HAMAS has committed an atrocious evil on innocent lives, and there can be no equivocation: this was a senseless massacre, even a pogrom. It will affect many lives, for generations to come.

Subsequently, the bombing of civilian centers in the most densely-populated strip of land on Earth — with a population that is nearly 50% children — is in no way a moral good, nor an act of true “justice”, nor a true military or political solution: in fact, it is a terrible evil which will only supercharge the rage and retribution. And this will also affect many lives, on both sides, for generations to come. And much — if not most — of the blame for the senseless carnage happening in Gaza lies at the feet of the radical Islamist culture — and its Gulf paymasters — which uses so many good and innocent Palestinians as cannon-fodder in their medieval excuse for social welfare, true statecraft, or authentic political or moral development.

Here is HAMAS’s own video celebrating that:


Yet, here we are. Back again at “Lex talionis”.

This short film is a terse and yet potent history lesson, in video format, on the true chicken-or-egg of Middle East war and suffering. This 3:32 masterpiece, tour-de-force, absolute gem-treasure of factual truth, critical insight, and dark (because too-true) humor, by one of my favorite living artists in the world today – – the inestimable genius called Nina Paley — predicts a true author and winner of this long-running conflict. (She is also a fierce and fearless anti-natalist, which gets her some truly mega bonus credits.)

You watch this, you understand everything. Unfortunately, she might yet also be prescient in the final, sobering frames:

If some of the allusions escape you, her website provides a helpful (and super-simple) explainer for the representations in this extraordinary work of art, historical commentary, and religious critique. (https://blog.ninapaley.com/2012/10/01/this-land-is-mine/) These are some screenshots of her explanatory, here:

…and the REAL player, the REAL inhabitor, Lord, and hero of this piece of Earth:

The lord of this cursed “holy” land is Death. The real hero is Death. The true victor is Death. This land is not “yours” or “mine”, or “his” or “hers”.

This land is Death’s — “the real hero of the Old Testament, and right now, too.”

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