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Residential Training


Residential training in a temple environment is the best way to just fully download the technologies of meditation, and engage them with truly revitalizing our movement through the world.

As a graduate student in theology, at the end of the 80s/beginning of the 90s, I was especially lucky to be able to live for some years in the Cambridge Zen Center, in Cambridge, MA. This gave me a real-world grounding in the practice of Zen as it is done in temples in Asia, all while integrating it step-by-step into my modern life in a cosmopolitan city.

Hyon Mun Sunim in the Altstadt


Hyon Mun Sunim and I have known each other closely since just before we both became monks – – that’s over three decades. I co-officiated at Sunim’s ordination ceremony at Providence Zen Center in August 1994, and we have sent several 90 day intensive Kyol Che’s together, both in the US and Korea.

Because he is based in a little cave in the sandy wastelands of California near the Mojave Desert, we don’t get to see each other more than once or twice per year. But every time he passes through Europe, he is sure to spend some days or weeks with our family here in Regensburg.