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Nietzsche’s “Love”

We would like to believe, so much, that it is the person to whom we are attached, the love of the person that we pursue, despite conditions often telling us everything to the contrary.

However, just as the Buddha pointed out, Friedrich Nietzsche shows us that we are actually attached primarily to the longing for further attachment itself. The object changes – – it is one person in one part of our life, another person in another part of our life, or some people we were born with at the very, very beginning — and we think that our love is motivated primarily for the person themself, and this might be true to a greater or lesser extent.

But the true groundwater running under the surface of all of this vast landscape of our deepest connections is our congenital affinity for (even, addiction to) the need to feel some longing for longing, some attachment to attachment, some love for the loving.

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