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Harvesting Words (and Images)

Good meditation teachers today write original expressions of the path of meditation, and spirituality in the modern world. They can beautifully describe the challenges of meditation and parenthood, the delusions to avoid through this effort or that, or shine a light on some ancient thinker.

I really can’t do those things. What is there left to say, especially about something that cannot even be described? When someone once complained playfully to Zen Master Seung Sahn that he often employed the same stories and explanations for describing the work of Zen, he replied, “Yah, same words. Same stories. But you don’t yet attain that, so I must keep trying same thing!”

I have given literally thousands and thousands of public talks on Dharma. I have instructed tens of thousands of people directly, and now through an online course. I feel I have fairly exhausted the natural methodologies for sharing insights into the nature of consciousness, and the way we might attain insight into that consciousness most optimally.

This blog functions as my attempt to express the issue of consciousness from “other” angles than are possible in spoken talks: Using videos, issues of the day that concern my attention, the expressions of others who exclaim on this subject or that touching consciousness and the matter of human suffering — I try to shine a light in a way that is interesting and entertaining — for me, and most hopefully for others. Even as I share something here, it is usually in a burst of enthusiasm like “I want so-and-so to know about this” and “What a great way to show ‘dharma'”.

That’s all.

Nothing really original here. Just shovelling around the stuff of others, and then my worthless reflections on that (sometimes), all trying to point back to that nameless something.

Nothing original here. I just harvest others’ words and images, mostly. Hopefully, it points in the right direction: don’t know.

From an illuminated manuscript of France, 15th-century.
(credit: @WeirdMedieval)

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