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Leave Migrants to Capsize Unaided?

For what was to come, would it not have been morally optimal — in the end, and for the natives’ own self-preservation! — to let these migrants founder? Fetid with viral particles coming from Europe’s teeming cities, these mangy (but gun-toting) religious zealots would themselves become apex genocide-transmitters — bullet or viral bug — on the indigenous populations, going forward from helping with this distress visit. The entire machinery of soul-crushing despair would follow from this greeting: first, two wars, then pestilence, and ultimately the import of enslaved human beings.

“America’s original sin” takes root. At this very meeting. And everything uprooted for shopping malls, golf courses, casinos, cruises, and the ever-commercial spirit from these Spanish explorers seeking out better SUPPLY CHAIN routes for the better enrichment of Queen, of Empire, and investor-selfs.

Image: @LakotaMan1

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