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Solo Eating


Recently, I have been encountering some challenges with another knee after returning from the work in Norway: the meniscus in my left knee might require some surgery, perhaps as soon as this summer. Due to that, when I have trouble getting up and down the stairs between my hermitage and the Zen Center for silent daily lunch, I have to receive lunch in my kitchen in Mun Su Am.

From the looks of this photo that Silke took, I will also need some brain surgery, as well.

We’ll keep you posted on all of the medical adventures.

Ketogenic eating: the prefered diet of ALL space aliens and Coneheads.

The Hole That’s Scarier than Uranus!

A black hole located 230 million light-years away from Earth, at the centre of a galaxy named J0437+2456 and approximately three million times larger that our Sun - was found to be moving at a speed of 110,000 miles per hour.

Photo/text: @MAstronomers

Layers of Passing


When I was in elementary school, I wanted to grow up to be a paleontologist, long long before dinosaurs were a cultural “thing“. Since as early as memory can reach, I have been gripped with the question of “origins“.

So, these charts have an abiding fascination for me, especially as a student of impermanence.

The meditator’s deep-view of this science on the nature of our origins?

It only really boils down to: “What are you doing, right now?”