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Keto Works

I’ve been doing ketogenic regimen for the last 7 to 8 years. I did it to help clear my mind from the constant sugar-cycling that seems to have been built into my cravings and energy use since childhood. I researched and began employing ketogenic lifestyle years before it became well known: I remember that when mentioning it, you always received a completely blank stare, a slightly cocked head, like mentioning physics to a puppy.

Now, there are sections of the supermarket shelf handed over fully to ketogenic products. It’s a good thing to see, especially if it gets people away from the evils (and the destructiveness) of sugar, especially “hidden sugars”.

It’s helpful to see, in this chart, the benefits for our aging brains. I always recommend the ketogenic lifestyle for anyone who is serious about meditation practice, or who suffers from difficult emotional complexes, or chronic matters of the body which can be directed back to (especially trauma-based) experiences of the mind.

Graphic: @ChrisPalmerMD

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