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We’re Not Needed for Art Anymore…

Many archeologists and evolutionary psychologists often mark our defining evolutionary “branching out” into higher states of development came from our ability to make fire, and our creation of representational/self-representational culture. Our unique ability to create art, in so many various forms, is supposedly what sets us apart from lower primates right following mastery of fire. This is supposed to be our hairless-ape’s one unique job: creation purely for aesthetic, or intellectual/spiritual expression or meaning.

Now, AI can imagine forth art forms not ever imagined previously by the “cultured ape”.

This is stunning. This is stunning.

I am now absolutely convinced that there will be produced — in less than three years — AI-generated “new” Beethoven or Mahler symphonies, wholly indistinguishable in tone, structure, “feeling“, and meaning from the ones written by their historical creators. And people will crave after them, to hear some “new“ Beethoven, that writes some thing as he “would have“ written if he had continued living deathlessly for another century, or until now. Maybe Mahler as a rock Symphony, completely embodying and self-referencing all sorts of current musical styles to reach whatever asked-for numbers of brains or sales. The possibilities are endless.

Emotional Cartography:

AI Impressionist Photography:

Interactive Dream Theater:

Holographic Street Art:


Genetic Mosaic:

Quantum Sculpture:

Sonocentric Painting:

Haptic Poetry:


Source: @aisolopreneur

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