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Reflections on “AI Catastrophe?”

“Former Google exec warns of possible AI catastrophe within two years.”

This article reports something significant to add to the Great Question, the great doubt. As Zen Master Seung Sahn used to say, “Nobody guarantee your life, even one day.” Now, more than ever.

Please share this article. Please help others also to open their eyes. Time’s up, climate or computer. Only waking up is worthwhile use of what time might be ever-tenuously left for each one of us. We are living in fantastically transformational times, and so absolutely existential, not hypothetical. I think the dream’s over. Strap in. Return to breeeeeeaaaaathinnnggggggg…

Please, share this link. Perhaps, if there is some worth in this blog post, you may share this link, too. Whatever. Time to really really now wake up.


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