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Your Mind Makes This

…happening without end.

Matt Semke, “Crunching Away”

And really only meditation liberates — the Light goes on.

Matt Semke, “Bulb Swap” (2023),

The Light of Awareness:

Introducing here on the humble yet completely unnecessary nervy shit-smear that is this blog, the song that points to this dilemma. I’m so happy with this teaching, “Dust Thinking”.

Its extended dance remix, which is linked here after the video, is something that might appear as a video soon. At least it is a strong candidate. What do you think about this?

First, the video, crafted so well by Ioannis, over Arman Ray’s arresting soundspace — it’s very uncomfortably nearly anthemic. And it’s about the nature of mind! The most utworthy cause is a human coming to understand themself. So, I am happy and proud of the high aims and exquisite taste and harmonious creativity together that all birthed this video. That’s all I hope to ever speak about it. Let its teachings speak for themselves: message is key; messenger, not.

Dust Thinking // Arman Ray + Hyon Gak Sunim // The Formless Track // 현각스님: 첫 선-테크노 앨범 #edm #zen

And HERE is the Spotify link to one dance remix of “Dust Thinking”.

Thing is, the meat of this remix doesn’t happen until about 1:02 — too long!!!!!. Then, it rocks, somewhat. Enhancing and re-checking this remix today or tomorrow.

Leading to our natural wired-in this:

Matt Semke, “Attention”

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