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Very Special Karma

A very special, nearly two-decades’ long friendship with this amazing Dharma sister, Ye Jin Sunim (예진스님), which started in the Zen Hall of Su Dok Sah Temple, Dok Seung Sahn Mountain (덕숭산 수덕사), in 2005, had another beautiful chapter with her visit to Zen Center Regensburg. Just one week after her departure we all miss her already.

Is it possible for a monk to miss a nun? When the karmic bond is this sweet and deep, you betcha.




A video (in Korean) news report which takes you to Ye Jin Sunim’s hermitage, the community of nuns she guides at the bottom of the mountain, with interesting scenes of her life, and the natural strength of these great women in Buddhism:

우리시대 우리스님 - 경주 중흥사 예진스님

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