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Several disciples have urged me to move all of the activity on this blog over to Substack or one of these other subscription blogs. In that way, all of the insights and asides and commentary that I share here on Mirror of Zen, requiring hours of work and assistance from several others, would bring me a steady paying income as I enter my Golden years. “Why give away all of these hours for free,” one of my US students said. “When you could be supporting yourself with these efforts?”

But I do not wish to “charge” for sharing the Dharma, as much as possible — as extremely much as possible.

As a begging-monk, I can accomplish this work outside the monastery walls — and admitting nearly half of our retreatants for free — only through the kind and generous support of others. Thank you for becoming a member of my Patreon Family, and getting all sorts of insider-views of the life of a Zen monk in the modern world. Even $5 or $10 a month is enough to help me to continue doing this work of spreading Dharma — “by whatever means necessary”.


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