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New Video Drop: “Dust Thinking” and Its Birth

Here is our newest release from “The Formless Track”, a song called “Dust Thinking”. I’m pumped about this. There’s a story behind that, in dust in a shaft of Apollo’s own Greek sun:
Closing three days of silent retreat at Synthesis Yoga Center in 2019, our hardy group turned in to face the center again as golden shafts from a Sunday afternoon Athens sky streamed down in angles through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows in Anetta Alexandridi’s soul-building center in Cholargos. Uncountable numbers of dust were seen twirling and floating in this beam streaming in from the furthest heavens, yet in sections where the sunlight was not, or was blocked, the companion-dust could not be observed at all. Yet is there, and dirties just the same.
Just then, Fey Ginger asked something like: “Why is it that the more meditation I do, the more thinking and complication that’s there? The more I do meditation, the more thinking appears! Is it like this practicing is making more thinking? Because I don’t seem to have so much thinking when I am not meditating, or with my dog, as I do when I am meditating! I feel sometimes like I am losing hope in meditation.”
In that moment, I was watching the dust-motes float down in the sunlight. Some of them sparkled! It was like a living scene from “Avatar”, full-on IMAX N.O.W. In the sun, all of this dust; in shadier parts of the room, no dust! This was the setting that birthed the exchange which birthed the song.
And so, Fey asked a question, a reply appeared that was made into a teaching-video by Γιάννης Παπάκης Παπαδοπουλάκης, which one day caught the attention of Chris Taylor (Arman Ray), which then became this song, which now becomes this video. Which I am just so really, really happy and actually honored to share today.
When the Light goes on, you see all of the dust.
But then one more step: WHO sees the dust?


Dust Thinking // Arman Ray + Hyon Gak Sunim // The Formless Track // 현각스님: 첫 선-테크노 앨범 #edm #zen

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