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The Myth of “Human Intelligence”


This point by a leading environmentalist-thinker caught my eye today. It basically sums up my own views, pretty closely:

“Human intelligence: a comforting myth we tell ourselves as we wreck a bountiful and living world. Ecologically-aware humans are a rarity—seemingly similar in number (1 in 500) to the frequency of a solar eclipse……1 every 500 days. Humanity is a big, dumb, clumsy beast bulling our way through yet another display of fine, living porcelain in nature’s china shop.“

And what is his definition of “ecological awareness”?

“Peeps with an appreciation of nature and enough understanding of ecosphere collapse to make personal sacrifices to lessen their effect.

Many believe they are environmentalists. Few walk the walk.”

Lyle Lewis, “…an endangered species biologist working at the interface between academics, bureaucracy and industry.”

I just today subscribed to his blog, Racing to Extinction


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