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A Great Dance Re-Mix from “The Formless Track” — “Right Here, Right Now”

Personally, very partial to the pound of this track. It is our most recent release from “The Formless Track”. The UK mixer Sam Levis took a crack at “Right Here, Right Now” from the recent album. And this tour de force remix just captures the entire teaching thrust so faithfully,. And the music is visceral, at the same time. Compelling…

The entire insight arc of practice compacted here: from an ancient poem on this mud of our enlightenment to a realisation of all-things-are-True-Self, through the chaos of our everyday existence in this all, through the Avatamsakka Sutra (“everything is created by mind alone”), tippled into a full-on terse class on the mechanics of the sitting practice, detailed instructions RIGHT HERE IN THE SONG for managing the relationship to breath, the “turning of awareness to the very source of awareness” — “What am I?” — into don’t-know mind.

The section beginning exactly at 05:10 is an eerie-perfect expression of the dawning of Now. This builds into and the entire package of dharma-direction has been delivered, seeded into consciousness through syncopation.

I hope you can REALLY listen to this song with full headphones moderately loud, or full volume on a laptop. The full song… And meditate on it as a Dharma talk, with eyes down, reflective — which is its intention to cause. Do the dharma instructions resonate at this level of expression? I truly love this, and I hope not to hear it more than a few more times. It’s fascinating, the possibilities for trying to spread some correct Dharma. What times we live in!

Anyway, I’m moving forward with it, to a point.

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