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A Maze is Me

The great Matt Semke amazes yet again, yet again. He has created a unique work of truly visionary art every single day — without a single break of even one day, every single damn day — for over 16 years. And they are not just paintings, drawings, or sketches. Rather, his hyper-prolific range has birthed, in that period, long- and short-form videos, GIFs, and complex animations (some of which have won top prizes at international animation festivals and art-house competitions. And there has not been a throwaway piece I have yet encountered. Really. His consistency is, well, AMAZING.

Every day.

And what is so mind-blowing about Matt is that his pieces always have some wry, yet deep existential representation that feels almost accidental, in that it is conveyed with such subtlety. He muses, and he plays, He speaks to mental universalities with a very personalised quirkiness.

This mind amazes me.

Matt Semke, “A Maze is Me” (3.2023)

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