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This is a thinly-veiled announcement that his conversation with Sam Harris will be dropping on Monday, January 2. I can promise you all here, whoever looks at this page, that one of the questions they will raise in their discussion will be one which I submitted for them to consider. I have this gut feeling they will choose that question to talk about, among many others. At least I hope so. It is deeply felt. I’m going to send a screenshot of that question I posted to Huberman when he made a shout-out for questions. I never write or tweet or question or comment on Twitter. This is one time, extremely rarely, if even one or two times, that I have ever done this. But I think they will talk about this question.

Huberman’s call-out:

And it immediately seemed I’d like to get Sam’s view about this emergence, so I asked:

I hope they give this question to Sam to consider.

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