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Happy Holidays with Family and Friends

Love these days fully, with gratitude intensified with the knowledge that things likely decline markedly from here on out. What is onerous or problematic in this winter (prices and extreme cold) will seem like honeymoons in a few years’ time. Enjoy this time fully like the last good time it might be in your remaining lifetime, which shall not be pleasant.

And yet, see it for the game that it is. In all the onrush of phenomenal-overload (especially through mouth and ears, through eating and drinking, but also juggling attention to social noise, and the hurrying to events), there should be pauses built into your Flow to counteract this. Find at least 5-10 minutes per day to have some silence and rest, even engaged alone in a chair for a few breaths. With Sam Harris’s app or without (going alone is always more empowering), return to breathingggggggggggggg… Return to the freedom of choiceness Now-perceiving. Then function happens naturally, by itself. Sangha is where we train in better habits of mind; family and festive holiday is where our training is tested. Training with form together to develop awareness for when we need to flow safely in the formless.

The Formless Track.

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