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Matt Semke Lives Déjà Vu

The condition or experience of ”déjà vu” has never been expressed better in art, in my experience, than this simple image. But this naive blue moment of that experience has its existential dimension in the animated image which follows. Of the same thread: “What is this?” inscribed graphically as moments. And this view can only, only come from the inestimable Matt Semke. He has produced a work of art like this every single day, nonstop, for over 16 years. It has never happened in the history of Homo Sapiens that one of its kind would produce a unique piece of artwork every single day, sans cesse, and distribute it freely to the world. And his art if profoundly existential, if often very decorative. Sometimes even polemical, but in a deftly humorous way. Like de Chirico, he presents hollowed-out spaces, haunting dream-states. There is as much disorientation as there is “orientation”, whatever that is:

Matt Semke lives déjà vu.

His post just today captures bodily that experience we have back in the Matrix, in this always-downloaded /-downloading/checking state, half-here and often-there, especially sucked in so easily in our apps and ”real-time” messaging, parallel conversations with reality… Is that really déjà vu?

Anyway, none of this every day paranoia is hinted at in Matt’s simplicity. He records the greatest expression I have seen in art of true, pure déjà vu, that is all. I love this guy’s vision, nearly everything I have ever seen him done:

…then, just later, on Christmas Eve, comes… (prefigured by the déjà vu?)

I prefer to see, among these most recent posts released only in the last week alone, among others, a trending from mere Angst and anxiety, the flickering deja vu — to something more silent and inward-directed.

Turning towards the witness. “What am I?” Prompted by world suffering and the personal dogs of karma.

Please visit Matt Semke’s website any time you are looking for some nice and clear and true, simple visionary teaching in visual form. He is a sort of ecstatic visionary William Blake of our time, in my estimation (who I adored and I eventually studied under the the best Blakian professor at Harvard). Like Blake, he prints for the masses, if possible. Possessed by single-minded expression of his visions and compulsions.

Every single day — every day — something new and mind-expanding at: www.catswilleatyou.com

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