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Among Great Creators

A photo sent to me by a colleague in Seoul, it memorialises a lunch together during the recent trip to Korea. This intimate lunch was a gathering of some of Korea’s leading figures in the creative/spiritual scene, all of them very dear friends and collaborators: (from left) Werner Sasse, the German-born polymath artist, professor, performer; the legendary Hong Shincha, who is basically the first Korean modern/experimental dancer who was a particular favourite of Osho Rajneesh, who she performed for personally on many occasions, and was his first Korean disciple; Jang Jiu (OMA Space), one of Korea’s leading fashion designers, who has recently moved (with her partner, Daniel Kapelian) into the field of immersive art; and Won Il, the lead conductor for the Sinawi Orchestra, whose concert I recently attended in the Liszt Conservatory in Budapest.

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