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This Christmas, don’t buy more useless things for people. Give the gift of Zen. And in so doing, you ”donate” funds which will support our keeping our heavy monthly rent always paid on time.

The ZCR Team informs me just now that we are offering a 33% discount on our Team’s beautiful and perhaps even a wee bit revolutionary course in meditation, “Authentic Temple Zen”.

Gift some silence to that friend or family member whose life could benefit from a little more clarity and stability. It might actually help them to wake up to their True Nature.

Enter the code 33%ZEN4XMAS on our course website: https://www.mirrorofzen.com

It must be said again: Earnings from sales of this Course will support the Zen Center Regensburg rent and utilities fund. An extremely small part would be available for my personal uses, which are minuscule, consisting mostly of supplements to arrest cognitive decline! A losing battle! And the rest, the largest percentage going directly to the official account for rent and utilities for us to meditate here, going forward, without fear.

Your purchase of the course is a donation to this community, then. In your learning, you are enabling us to help others who can come directly to learn. That’s two kinds of auspicious good merit being made! Bravo!

(Honestly, I feel so unnatural being a voice which is hawking something like this, needless to say it is a package containing my image and voice and all this talking about myself. What an irony! What self-dealing! What kind of Zen teacher is this. I must say, whenever I am needed by the Team to post about ”my” own courses and “my” own retreats, and now “my“ on Zen-techno album [https://www.theformlesstrack.armanraymusic.co.uk/ ], it all feels more than a little icky.

But I have a greed to do this promotion, in posts like this and likely on social media, to Bring home how these courses are what our community offers, to fund itself (like the vineyards supporting the monasteries around them in Europe, this course is our wine cask). In any event, it is clear that I cannot do much more direct instruction to beginners, in the fundamentals of building a seated meditation practice. So, this Course has pedagogical value for optimizing how I can teach in the future. The two needs came together, GASSHO. 🙏🏼 This monastery is offering its casks of wine in the marketplace, and the income will help the monks (and nuns) to pray.

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