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On Umair Haque

One reason I consider Twitter such an essential resource – – it has become my habitual morning newspaper, replacing 4 decades of merely “The New York Times”. And it exposes me to the reflections of this man, the always penetrating Umair Haque. He sees way, way too much. So you didn’t have to… But now it is high time we wake up. He has the best, most imaginative vision of our predicament in these times. And actionable insights and forewarnings, to boot.

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The essay should be read in its awful entirety here: https://eand.co/the-beginning-of-the-end-of-the-world-2f91358f3b2d

I immediately attempted to purchase a subscription with Umair, but was serially thwarted by the robots of PayPal, on multiple efforts. I’ll get around to it soon. Umair is so well worth supporting. I already agree with him nearly all of the time, because what he says mirrors things that I already perceive. It is like a recognition! Unfortunately, he confirms my own intuition a little bit too well.

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