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Big Mistake


Because we always need to help people attain True Self, True Nature, nirvana, enlightenment, before-thinking mind, satori, kenshō, true consciousness, Christ-nature, god-nature, Buddha-nature, Buddhahood, self-transcendence, “emptiness”, before-thinking mind, only-don’t-know, true Being, Atman, Brahma, no-I, Big I, True I, Gnosis, Dharma, blah blah blah blah — the utterance of even any one of them a complete step away from the actual muchness — there it is again! — itself.

That’s why Zen Master Seung Sahn would say, ““Opening your mouth [to describe ‘it’] is already a big mistake.”

It’s why I so often just take a break from this blog or any kind of communication. What’s the fucking point? Just more mistake on top of mistake on top of mistake…

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